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Originally Posted by blah_blah View Post
Well the reason i started is because this girl i liked HEAPS and i thought she liked me rejected me, i was also having a shit itme at school and everything is going wrong atm.

I done it again tonight, for some reason i only do it in the shower but otnghit i bled a couple times, only a little but realy i need to stop doing this i can see how its addictive.

Oh btw i have been rejected by girls before and not cared this much but for some reason i just got fed up
Hun...I've been rejected ALOT.You can't let that get to you.If they reject yout ehn they aint worth your time!I walk threw the halls of school getting called almost everything you can think of and I keep my head up.If I can stop this shit then I know you can.You should take ALL the sharps out of the bathroom an hour or so before you even take a shower.That way if you want to do it you have nothing to do it with.By the way...I started in the shower to
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