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Default Re: Amplifier Issues

im not sure what the problem is...well i know your problem but just not how to fix it.

post your question on this at

guys there build pedals all day and i have heard something like this from that site before. you may have to do some soldering of new components to your pedal board.

BTW, what distortion pedal are you using?

side note
I suggest getting a Yamaha Magicstomp
I just got one 2 months ago and couldn't be any happier with it...its cheap on eBay and works extremely well. had them on sale a while ago for around 79$ too...i think that's still going.

congrats on the new Marshall
my cousins looking for a new Fender as his is starting to quit on him now too....right along with his small electronic drum set...hes not liking any of that lol

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