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Default Re: Liberals vs conservatives

I identify myself as a liberal. But I dont identify myself as a Pussy because i prefer diplomatic solutions first rather than violence.

Phantom great argument: "They are just all round better" *cue sarcasm*

and to say Conservatives don't have smear campaigns is stupid...all political parties have smear campaigns.

You talk about conservatives backing up things with facts, hmmm thats weird cuz Bush went to war and he didnt have factual information.

We started the war on terror in afghanistan and I am pissed off that the Bush administration completly veered off focus and went to Iraq without factual evidence. It is like Afghanistan doesnt even matter to this admin. The numbers PROVE IT, with the amount of troops we have over there compared to Iraq.

You dont want us to call bush a war mongering asshole, but u have repeatedly called liberals pussys and define them as unamerican and unpatriotic, when it is in fact conservatives like you who make those statements that divide the country further.

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