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Default Re: Josh: Question??

I'm just having something on hand... I need help (which I lack) that can help me proof that most of the bible is fake (as I beleive)... everyone is all over me, asking REALLY ridiculous questions, such as "If the big bang existed, who made it??" I didn't really knew what to say at the moment, but now, I do... Science doesn't really need ANYONE to exist... science, is already there, but we need it, and want to discover it...

And that, was just one of all the questions that I didn't know how to answer... Back then, when people would say they saw god, I'm sure, and I can bet that they didn't have a clue that schizophredia existed... or they had the meds, or something... normally, these people didn't have friends, or someone who was there with them... as the bible said... another schizophrenia simpthom (hard for them to socialize)... nowdays, think about it, why hasn't people "seen" god?? schizophrenians now have meds, and most if they take care, will take them... if someone says they saw good, medics just need to see at his health paper/thing, and it should say enough...

It's not insulting if they had it, and this is just a theory...
What other substances in those says could have made you hallucinate?? just to know, and have something else in hand! thanks

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