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Default Re: Liberals vs conservatives

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Conservatives all the way. To many reasons to list lol.
More in line with my values.
Not pussys
I like their financial strategy
They are strong want to fight terrorists instead of running like pussys
They are just all round better.
They are just plain right most of the time, can back things up with facts instead of false smear campain shit
Are focusing on ISSUES not putting the other party down and turning things into political shit to use in a smear ad.
There we go... see?? you are always the one who starts flamming, and insulting everyone's oppinion... by saying that someone's a pussy, or tryes to make peace like pussys, you are actually calling every lival pussy, because they beleive they beleive in THAT, and I don't think anyone will change their way of changing... if you don't want any flamming coming, try not writing this kind of comments!

As for my political position... I don't really feel good with one or the other... there are many aspects I like from both, and other I don't like at all... I just see the one that really fits me better, and like most (the one that doesn't have as many negative aspects, as I think)

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