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Default Im Depressed!

Heres my story. Im a 14 year old boy living in Australia in year 9 at an all boys private school. Im not very smart. And i dont get very good grades. Although i am good at english. My dad always hassles me about getting better grades and he always threatens me with changing school if my grades dont get better. This hasnt happened for 3 years now but every year, he says the same thing.

I have a few friends, and at school, i hang out with about 9 other guys. I used to see them on weekends, but they dont really like me that much. They dont exactly hate me as such, but i think they would rather not have me around them every day. I have one really good mate who goes to a different school to me. He has been my friend since i was 6 years old. He is my only true friend.

Every other guy at my school pretty much hates me. They all say bad things about me behind my back, and even to my face. I used to be over weight, which resulted in lots of people teasing me all the time, but then i did my best and lost most of the weight. But because i didnt really have any1 to encourage me, i gained the weight back and i am still getting teased about it. (Im not really that fat. But because my school is very sporty, i get teased). At the moment, i am thinking of starving my self until i lose all my weight, and then hopefully no one teases me any more. I have also considered slitting my wrists... but this could result in more people teasing me by calling me emo and stuff. I dont want to cut myself, but at the moment i dont know what to do.

I also forgot to say that because i am depressed i always skip sport. I do bball during summer and swimming through the winter. I always feel bad and always just skip sport and go home instead.

Can you please comment and tell me what you think i should do about all this drama?



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