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Default Re: OMG! Whats the deal?

Ok now acne is a sign of puberty.. And height is also related to puberty. In puberty children get their growth spurts. But it could be geneticly deemed to be so that your short.. But thats ok isnt it? Better than being 7 foot tall
Just don't worry theres alot worse things than being short.. And as I understand with your father hes like my father who belives hes kid will never be 'greater' than he was as a child. But you shouldn't realy care what people say..

Also a pretty easy way to check if your still growing is.. Ok I am not sure if I can describe this correctly but here goes

Your ankle.. Your ankle bone is a indicator of your growth. By the time your fully grown there will be no soft spot at your ankle.. And if you will still grow then there will be a soft spot at your ankle.

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