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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by clorathehobbit View Post
Ok this is embarassing :/ I'm having the urge to finger myself because I'm curious, but I started looking in the mirror at the area and theres no opening :O Dudes, i cant find my vagina it looks weird down there and diagrams dont help... I dont know where the clit is either.... oh and is masterbating dangerous? I heard of a woman who used a carrot and died. I'm pretty sure its not a rumour.
discovering yourself is natural :L
dont use a carrot. use something that wouldnt cause damage to your lady bits. anything sharp can cause pain and tear your insides.
the only way masturbation is dangerous is if anything goes straight up your lady bits, like a tapon but without the string and if you come into any contact with S.T.Ds. OR if whatever you stick up your lady bits is sharp
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FREEZE mother fucker..

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