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Default My Voice, However, Is LOUD

My Voice, However, is Loud
As my weapon of choice moves across the ruled paper, it becomes a blade. The tip of my Ticonderoga sword swipes and gouges the censors, the leaders, the Oppressors. As I fend off their weak attempts at wounding me I laugh at them. The hilt of my sword, as familiar as breathing, channels my efforts into the sharp graphite point, aimed where it will hurt them most. When they see what I have done to them, they will not know what to do. I am a threat, something to stamp out and get rid of. But it is not I who will be gotten rid of.
I dynamically discover the only combination of stabs and swipes that will inflict my message of free thought upon them, and they are wounded. They threaten me with their vows of retribution, and they turn my countrymen against me to fight me, but my shield is impenetrable, and my sword never stops attacking at their hearts. They call me an unpatriotic rebel, but I call them lying scoundrels. They are monopolizing the industry, and terrorizing with infantry; they are my cruelest enemy.
We fight until the evening, and fight until the morning, but they cannot harm me, because I know what they will do. They have no weapon I cannot parry, no blow I cannot counter. As I reveal them with protest, and undermine them with peace, they run in fear like the chocolate children they have not cared for, and return in anger like the war they wont cease.
I am always on their mind, and they are always on mine. All day they sit in their Big Business offices and find new ways to destroy me, to silence me, but to no avail. They will try to find ways to demoralize me, to change me, to censor me, and to silence me. But my will is steadfast, my determination strong, my words immortal, and my voice, my voice, is loud. Louder than their guns, and louder than their propaganda radio’s! Louder than the babies crying, and young men dieing, and mothers crying! Louder than they can imagine, louder than I can ever hope to yell, my voice is loud! My voice, however, is loud.

you can bomb the world to pieces
but you cant bomb it into peace

life is to short to make just on decision. musics to loud for just one station. love is to big for just one nation, and God is to big for just one religion

Come visit my diary, War is Hell!
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