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Default Re: OMG! Whats the deal?

um you've started puberty probably.. do you have pubic hair or facial hair or any armpit hair? if so you started puberty.. is your voice deeper.. you started puberty.. do you like girls more now? i bet you have so yea you started puberty and i'm 14 and i'm only 5"5 and i've started puberty like 2 years ago.
height has NOTHING to do with puberty well i think it has nothing to do it's just the genetics from your dad and your mom that determines your height..
so don't worry about the people.. they're just too stupid.. that's how i deal with them or i just beat them up try it?
Originally Posted by DenZive View Post
I've tryed to deal w/ it since summer, but people think I haven't started puberty because I'm short, I'm like 5 foot 2 (5"2), but everyones like why are you so short, don't worry you'll start puberty soon. And I'm like I have! This one kid who I think is a friend... Is like man your short, your hormones must've have started up yet. And the thing is, I started puberty at 11-12 and I'm now about 14... It's frusterating. People call me little dillon... even if there isn't a older dillon. My dad thinks I haven't started yet, he started at 14... He hides his real self around me because someone whose in puberty, is the level of maturity he needs and talks to normally. Atleast my mom knows I've started... And 2 friends but thats it... I got quite a bit of acne but that doesn't show if I'm in puberty, My height doesn't I don't got noticeable enough armpit hair... its annoying... I need advice!
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