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Default Re: G W Bush (by popular demand)

Hmmm... the terrorists are targeting us because we're targeting them, we ignore them and they'll go back to complaining/ranting/fighting about Shi'ites/Sunnis/Judaism, it's not our problem, don't try to make things better or worse.

Nazis are a totally different thing, they weren't specificaly targeting us, they were attacking everyone, they really didn't care who you were, if you weren't like them, you were inferior.
radical islam hates all infidels. that means athiests, jews, christians, hidus, and all the rest, they do target others (phantom please reproduce that cool map u had that showed the attacks polted on a world map and post it here that would be great)

Some one who kills 3000 ppl that they didn't know and never talked to or got any background info doesn't care of they are guilty or not, they are infidels and they need some good killin. end of story.

they will kill babies woman children old ppl and all the rest, they don't hate us cuz they dissagree with our stance on foreign policy, they hate us becasue we are infidels. They do prefer to attack the US cuz they belive that we will fold like Spain did, and were are their bigest opponent, and the one who will (with others) go in actualy force change upon them.
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