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Default Re: G W Bush (by popular demand)

Heh, you do know that this "War" on "terror" is just creating more terrorists and that when you kill their leaders another will take over in its place, ja? Other than that, we got a lot of our "allies" angry at us because of this whole "war."
and what do you propose that we do?? stop fighting, or detering ppl that want ot kill us in the most media spectacle of ways.
Your reasoning is a dangerous one IMO as it is to say basicly that we can't win.

IF fighting Hitler created more nazis in germany would you not support that war? The fact is, radical islam is growing were it is already popular moslty, and has also become a fringe organization in first world countries as well.

Tell me where i went wrong with your logic,
There is an angry crowd that is protesting against police brutality, trying to controll them witht the police is a bad idea because it will just prove their point and make them more likely to be angry.

One sided pacifism isn't peace. Nor is it Justice. islam will grow wether we try to stop it or not, but IMO it is much less likely to take hold in a dmocratic Gov w/ free speach and such.
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