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Default Re: G W Bush (by popular demand)

They're talking about the value of the US dollar and how it's gone down recently, and how products have gone up in cost recently.
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Hmm thats odd because I read somwhere that the DOP or somthing like that was going up. I shall find charts.
We haven't made any progress fighting the war on terror. Hmm no offense but that is a VERY baseless statment that goes against many facts.
Al quida is on the run, we have killed or captured many of them, their bases are destroyed, the taliban that harbored them is destroyed and routed mostly.
Terrorists are learning that the US is not one to be fucked with.
Eventualy Osama will be killed or die, and I promise you that will affect them more than you think.
I would be willing to type more but we are getting WAY off topic
Heh, you do know that this "War" on "terror" is just creating more terrorists and that when you kill their leaders another will take over in its place, ja? Other than that, we got a lot of our "allies" angry at us because of this whole "war."

No, this is not off topic, it is related to the presidency.

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