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Default Re: G W Bush (by popular demand)

The fact our economy is going to hell (contrary to popular belief)
whats the unemployment rate???? 5% a low back to clinton.

Global Liquidity v. Asian Stock Prices
Chart 2d: Global Liquidity v. Volatility
Now im no economics prfessor, but do u have anything other than global liquidy charts? (which im not really shure what that is)

global USD liquidity equals the sum of the U.S. monetary base plus reserves held in custody by the Federal Reserve for foreigners - mostly Asian central banks.
it thought that we were talking about america here, maybe im just confused, please try and use american numbers or genreal world as opposed to just asian.
facts are, stock market is high, so is tax revenue (which should be used more to cut the deficit and lower the national debt, it is eing used some) unemployment is low, and is about mid clintons last term level.

All provided by the Us labor department.
Pay roll??? up
Hourly earnings??? gald u asked UP
Productivity??? UP
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