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Default Re: G W Bush (by popular demand)

wow makod wait to show how genuine you really are....
Bsuh Tspiud!

He Leik, Etas Bibys.
-weak on immigraton
-i don't think that hes necesarily weak on imigration, he does have a stance on the issue and has asked for legislation. maybe he should make more speaches about it but...
-He is for fence and a "comprehensive" prgram that will allow earned citizenship is the way ti go. he has said that one can't work with out the other succesfully. (EI fence and bo prgram or viceversa)

-He is relativly working the whole fear vote thing but not that much
-Fear voting ahs been worked cross isle, and by independents since the beigning of polotics, its nothing new, and IF IRan w/ a nuke and N korea with a nuke doesn't scare you and A U.N. With no power other than to starve the ppl and not the dictator doesn't scare you on top of that.... then ur a pretty brave person. (think mushroom cloud over a city near you)

-Lots of countrys don't like us as much esspecialy europe excluding brittan
-Weak on domestic issues
Could you please elaborate?
-why is it that thoes countries don't like us?
-i would argue that domestic issues aren't a HUGE focus since the whole Nuke and terrorism and stuff has happened. Though i personaly think that domestic issues are importiant. It is difficult to discuss them with out knowing which ones u are refering to.

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