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From You

One of these days,
I’ll prove you wrong,
I’ll make you wish,
You never did it,

I’ll teach you a lesson,
One you’ll never forget,
You don’t’ know how it feels,
You’ve never been through it,

You pushed me too far,
You made me feel pain,
I never should have felt,
I hope you’ll never feel,

You did what I couldn’t,
I’m sorry, but I can’t,
Just push people down,
Into the dirt,

I wish I could,
Maybe I’d be “cool,”
I just can’t,
Put people through that,

Here’s my lesson,
You stabbed my back,
With a sharp blade,
Betrayal’s a bitch,

You let me fall,
You didn’t catch,
You let me bruise,
You really don’t know,

The bruises led to cuts,
Cuts come from razors,
Razors come from pain,
Pain came from you.

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