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Default G W Bush (by popular demand)

If you post say something meaningfull and not some thing like...

-BUSH EATS LIITLE BABIEs AND PUPPIES IN A SOUP THAT CONDI MAKES FOR HIM AND CHENY IS THE 1 THAT kills the babies by lauching them off of the clay pigeon laucher and then shooting them out of the sky, and Donald RUMSFELD goes to the pound and gets general casey to shoot the puddies with a 50 calliber gun that he bought with money that he beat with a stick out of the inmates at gitmo that he tortured because he hates america and free speach, BTW BUSH IS FROM MARS AND SHOULD BE SENT BACK AND HE KILLS iraqi children cuz hes trying to kill more innocents than hitler to win a bet with the guy who killed JFK who is related to the guy who killed MLK who would be against BUSH and so would the 4 fathres of america and also JESUS and MOSES (may be mohanad but we was one crazy dude) The popes opinion on the matter doesn't matter cuz hes just anti muslim.
[end fo examples]

sounds like an entertaning graphic novel but......
If ur going to spout off any "conspiracy" theories like bush planed 9/11, cheny really runs the show, BUSH is controlled by the corperations or any thing like that please provide some kind of evidence.

Be civil and DON"T FLAME.
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