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Default Body overheating??

As some of you may know (actually, no one) I go to school by bike... and my school its pretty far away... it can take me up to 20 minutes going.
So lastly, obviosly, being these months, it's been freezing cold in the mornings...
My problem is, that when I'm getting out of home, I don't throw smoke thru my mouth (if you don't know what I mean, is that smoke you can do when its really cold, and you're body its over outside's temperature)... normally at the morning the temperature is between 7 to 13 celcius. Ok, so here's the real problem... when I'm about half way from home to school, I start throwing this smoke, when no one else is... this made me think that my body its overheating, because, well, not even to my friends, who i go to school with and live a little further away, happens this... I'm really worried, for some reason, lol...

Anyways, is this normal, or its just me being silly??

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