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Default Re: All US related things including war on terror

No one knows foir sure, but its a lot more than the US reports.
Yes, everyday, thousands of people die without us even knowing...
Am i the only one that sees a direct contradiction in these statments???

No one knows for shure, somehow leads directly into But its a lot more than the US reports
Does this make sense to every one else? Does it alledge that the US is censoring, or that we just don't know (I know the second one does)?

did either ever respond to wether or not most of the deaths were from insurgents?
If you read the actual 600,000 deaths report, it says that the ppl whose family members were dead could provide a death certificate 92% of the time. Now call me crazy, but there are ppl out there who actively look for morgue and other information (IBC for example), unless theres some groups out there hiding approximately 510,000 death certificates, then...... well why are they giving them out in the first place????

The point of my last few post was to say that if u don't like Bush or the war ppl will jump at a high number even though it goes against all of the other numbers that have previously been obtained.
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