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Originally Posted by '6425' View Post
Exactly what Anthony said. Your gay

Ignore him, you're not gay. Nor strait, nor bi. As a matter of fact, no one can tell you your sexuality. But, we can constructively help you figure it out...( unlike *cough*6425*cough*...)

With that out of the way, I say it depends on your friend. If you know he's did it- er, had "cheese" with another guy (I didnt want to sound rude), then I would think that he would be more willing to have "cheese"... again...
Also, if you know he's a trustworthy, best friend, he probably would understand you asking him. But I mean if he's like one of your best friends...

I know what I said may not have helped much, so I reccomend the the mutual masturbation thread.
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