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heya huni, please dont worry about your weight what u said earler in this thread was that u think u will be more confident if you are 110, well i just have to say as smeone who is permantly paranoid about their weight that, you want to reach 110, when u get there u will wnat to reach 105, then 100, and so on and so on, i no this beacuse this is what i do, i no i shouldnt but i cant help it i have a huge fear of being overwwight, if you carry on the way you are goin you could end up seriously ill, so please forget the scales and how much you weigh, as long as your weight does not affect what u want to do everyday, then you are your perfect body weight, (((hugs))) i hope i was a small help at least, sorry if i didnt make much sence tho, reasons for that, wont go into, anyway (((huge hug))) keep smiling hun xoxox

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