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Question Frenulum Removal?

im nearly 16, and im in a very long term relationship, both me and my girlfriend have been talking alot about sex, we have done nearly everything else and we both want to take it to the next step but not rush into it too quickly.

but i dont know if its going to happen soon and im worried about my foreskin, because it gets very painful after a few minutes if its pulled behind the head of my penis, i think a small bit of that it because of width, but mainly it feels like the main pain is because of stretching of the frenulum (the small bit of skin connecting the head and the foreskin)

ive looked into it and ive found out its possible to get this cut, this allows for more freedom of the foreskin and possibly a little bit extra length on it (im about 6.5 inchs erect) not like im bothered about the length.

im curious because i would be able to get it cut soon without my parents know how, but i want to know if anyone here has had this done? or if anyone knows to any downsides to it. i couldn't find any bad points to it. but any advice on this would be great.

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