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Originally Posted by theman101 View Post
I am 13 and have a bunch of pubic hair and i want to know how to ejaculate but dont really understand how to. can some1 help me?

Also i sometimes get aroused when i see guys penis's but i also get aroused when i see naked girls and stuff. Am I a bi?

And Finally, I'd like to know where people get porn movies from and whether ur allowed to go into say smiths and just buy FHM or something if ur 13?

1. You have to masturbate or jack off to ejaculate... check out to see different techniques, and the old school way of masturbating (lol)

2. There's a slight change you might be bi, yes, but you might just be straight as well...

3. Well... you are not allowed to even see porn, but if you do it, and you can order by internet, and stuff, and kinda proove that you "ARE" over 18, then you're fine...

Originally Posted by theman101 View Post
one last thing

wat exactly is oral sex?
Oral sex, aka Blow Job, is when... well... I don't really know if I should answer this question... anyways, oral is mouth, therefore, is when a women takes your [ERHM] penis and starts sucking it... [/ERHM]

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