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Default Re: Question for conspiracy therorists

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Prove it. You can't because it DOSNT HAPPEN.
Originally Posted by Phillzzy View Post
Phantom....I havent actually seen you GIVE FACTS yet either, bro. All I see is you TYPING THINGS YOU SAY ARE FACTS. If you want us to believe you, I suggest a few things:

1) STOP insulting us.
2) START providing links to credible sources
3) STOP saying the same things over and over again,
and finally,
4) STOP being so extreme about things. All these insults and threats and malicious behavior, it all makes you look like a dumb ass. Seriously.
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
*Sigh* I (1) I only insult if you ARE STUPID or you insult me first. (2) I did'nt think that SUCH OBVIOUS things deserves the time it takes to find a link but whatever, if you SEEM TO BE IN DENIAL (3) I say the same things OVER because THE IDIOTS say the SAME STUPID things over and over. (4) How am I extreme. I find this funny because I have an extreme right wing friend and he is always calling me leftist pussy, and keeps saying I am getting sucked in my leftist propaganda.

Now read that and read your all posts in the debate forum 20 times and if you still cant see it then your the one in denial

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