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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by Concon View Post
FUCK OFFF CONNOR! Im such a idiot.
I HATTE myself at the moment.
16 on hand and I dont know how Im ever going to cover them.
I even cut in school, in the class, surrounded by loads of people who could see.
One did see the cuts, I lied and said I had hurt it on the way to school. :/
AARGH FUCK SAKE! Seriously. I wish I was dead at the moment. >.>
This is ok... You are a great guy, you don't deserve to be dead.

Today at the morning. a hour after i woke up. It bled for like an hour so i even got to school and it still bled.
And even worse, my teaher saw my previous cuts, and like "what's that?" i said "nothing" hid it, and she was like you are gonna get in trouble for this... I'm so fucke up.
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