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Default Re: I've got nothing.

Okay, stop this. I wasn't seeking anything else other than typing what I had to say. It wouldn't have bothered me if this got 0 answers, not in the least. If you want to fight, do it elsewhere.

At least you have a car. You are very unappreciative. You worry about things you dont have. You dont even need a car. Be glad that you have a roof over your head and you have food in the kitchen. You dont realize how fortonate you are.
I wasn't pointing out that my car is nub and could be better, I was pointing out that it's not a "great vehicle" like the guy said, that it's perfectly normal, and everyday stuff.

Did I ever say I wasn't bent on humanism? No? Okay.

I am not bent on humanism.

You know, calling one's life "better" or "worse" is again a relative concept. Did you know the people of Vanuatu were the happiest in the world? Yet Vanuatu is a dirt-poor little island lost in the Pacific. They're not having it better than most Americans, but they're certainly happier. Most of them just farm or fish. I bet many of them live in slums. Yet, they rank 1st.

Now, stop argueing and let the topic die, plzkthx.
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