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I got pissed off today with religion (nothing new there...). On my school's sixth form application form, I had to put my religion. My Mum made me put Catholic, which I only agreed to because if I didn't then it would give me less of a chance of getting in. Isn't that discrimination, putting the God Squad above others? IRL, if a company said "we're only considering applications from Catholics/Polish people/people with right wing views, anyone else need not apply" then I'm sure that counts as discrimination and could get said company into deep shit. That situation is very similar to my one, is it not? Yet another example of how religion divides people and causes problems that could be avoided if it didn't exist.

Oh, before you ask why, as an open Atheist, I'm applying to a Catholic school it's because I need a back up choice and seeing as I already go there, I'm almost certain to be accepted so if I don't get into my first choice, there's always my religious shithole of a school just in case.

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