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Default a few questions

well i just got a new anti-virus thing, and its very nice, i have 85 viruses i got rid of 50 but heres the problem. the other ones apparently infected files that i have no idea wat they do, they're in the /windows/ files, only way i can get rid of the virus is by deleting the file, is it ok to delete those files?

2nd problem, like every 5 mins i get a popup, and its not really a popup its just a page that pops up, its not even a real page, its just this thing called
Microsoft Internet Explorer, or about: blank, or ...____________
anyway they keep coming up and my popup blocker doesn't do anything about it, and its very annoying they come in groups and many of them have viruses so my question is, what are they, how do i get rid of them, and what do they want from me (lol)

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