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Default Re: Question for conspiracy therorists

Hmm by what I've seen its not a very tiny amount.. It more seems to me by examples of ppl I speak to on the internet.. Documentaries.. And my classmates that alot of people seem to belive that everyone in the middle east is some fanatic.. And the most intresting documentary about Iraq and other things was 9/11 by Micheal Moore where he talked to some of those 18-20 year old kids.. Brainwashed by the media and those 80's films where Chuck Norris kills 200 ppl with maybe some elite squad and where 1 American dies and theres emotional music as he coughs some blood and says a few words like ,, We got them! ''.. I am not saying everyone is like that.. But of course the media will show more of the bad things THAT's what attracts viewers bad things.. The fact stands that US troops HAVE KILLED INNOCENT CIVILIANS for no reason without any insurgents hiding in a crowd..

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