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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

Originally Posted by xBRiTxBeaRx View Post
very nice tutorial! however, my first kiss, like everyone elses as a peck on the lips..
Then I'm quite fortunate to have had mine differently. :s

I'm new but this topic was interesting so I wanted to share my experience too.

Well, I didn't get my first kiss until the Christmas of last year (I was fifteen). My situation is a little different, as I'm in a long distance relationship - New York to Ireland. This was the first time I was going to meet my boyfriend, (we were already together prior meeting in person for about four months) and we were both nervous, naturally. The first time we hugged in the airport, it just felt right. All our worries disappeared and we were never awkward with each other. We were so comfortable together, it was strange but amazing.

Later that day our parents let us go about on our own. We went to the cinema for our first date. In the cinema, there was a lounge that we sat in while waiting for the doors to open. We were sitting so close in silence, just basking in each others' presence, the air was heavy and it felt like time had stopped. I knew we were going to kiss, I just didn't know when.

Eventually I stood up to head for the doors but as I was standing up he tugged on my arm and pulled me closer.
"Erika, wait."
"What, why?"
"Because I want to kiss you."
And he leaned in and kissed me.
I couldn't really believe it then, I didn't know we kissed until after it happened. It didn't even last that long, maybe a few seconds or so. But it was amazing, and even more so that my first kiss (and his) was with someone I truly loved and cared about so deeply. It wasn't wasted.

I'm still with this amazing boy, a year and three months of distance later.
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