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Default Re: my crap ass two weeks

Originally Posted by Riley View Post
thankyou everybody, for making me feel oh so much better about this.[/sarcasm]
Don't be so drama queen... no one has to be forced to post in your thread if they don't want you... they don't even have to read it... I read it yesterday, but I didn't post on it...
In the depressions forums, do you think that someone post a depression thread to hear comments?? not really... they do it just to tell someone, I guess...
Just wait, its not that everyone's like "oohh riley had this thread, lets just dont even read it"... not really....

[going back on topic]

You can't really do anything... just keep up in life, and don't look behind... everyone has gone thru broke ups in not even hours, so don't worry about it... I had a relationship and it didn't even woked out for 3 days becuase the girl got in live with my cousin... thank god he thought she was nasty, lol, I would have gotten totally freaked, and pissed at my cousin...

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