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Yes its way off but I would like to respond to your last post Whisper..

1st I am not happy at all with our government
Our government has taken practicly every policy from the USA if you dont know the USA is wanting to make travel for Estonian citicens into the country
Yes this is where the morning and my knowledge of English gets me so lets say just comfortable.. Easy..

The government here is a 'democracy' ( I dearly apologize if I typoed that word ) And the governments purpose is to earn enough money by supporting the companies.. Our Enviorment Minister just resigned because hes department was suspected in 'tradeing' with ( DAMN MY ENGLISH!!! ) Protected land areas?.. And the Minister was even being suspected of taking a 12 million krone bribe. The averege person here makes in a year ( In reality )
About 80 000 - 100 000 krones.. So yeah I could tell you alot more about the presidential elections, parliament elections and so on.. But it would be pointless this government is the same like any other it helps the people to an extent of value ( Elections value )

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