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Now that I got your attention, heres my dillemma:

This girl that I like. She was the first girl I ever had a crush on, Ive known her since like 2nd grade. (Im in 10th now) Anyway for the past few years I havnt even thought about her in "that" way, but recently, I really have started to get a crush on her again. Shes really good looking, especially now more than ever, and as far as I know she is 100% avaliable.

Problem: Her older brother, and my older brother, are practically best friends. Theyre both seniors so they hang out a lot.
I asked my older bro about this, he is someone I can always trust to keep secrets, but he said, "ask him for permission". Apparently another friend of theirs asked him before asking his sister last year.
Now I know that her older brother is a cool guy, Ive hung out with their whole group on several occasions but I dont know him very well personally at all.
Considering that hes one of my older brother best friends, and I dont know him well so he cant really form an opinion of me, im almost sure he would be okay with it, but even then I dont know for sure if she would say yes.
What if he thinks its okay but then she says no? Oh god.

I really like this girl though. Damn, does anyone have any advice?
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