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okay how bout this if one country cant be bashed but america can then why dont we just make a new rule where your not allowed to bash any country
I'm Canadian I live VERY close to America, were one of there top allies, I have been to America MANY times, my best friend lives in San Fransisco, I see ALLOT of american news and we own an outfitting company so this season alone i've met over 100 americans from all over the country
America has problems like everyother country on the planet the reason they get allot of media attention is because there the last remaining super power is that there fault? no! For a LOOOOOONG time no country wanted to step up to the plate and try to become one themselves
America has the worlds most advanced millitary on the planet they have used this to try and help basically they've become the worlds police and they have done ALLOT of good hell an American invented the internet that were using right now to communicate from all around the globe.
nobody ever comments on the great things america has done but there quick to slam them for ANY mishap

America is a GREAT country and its taking allot of heat right now for the war in the middle east

Canada has 2,500 troops in one of the hottest areas of afganistan right now and personally i'm fucking proud of that! Canada has commited the third largest force to the NATO run operation, were in charge of Kandahar

Hyper i'm sorry but I agree with phantom that if you live on the oposite end of the planet in an ex soviet country allot of your information could be very biased
I'm not trying to attack you
I'm not trying to be mean but if what you've stated there is the main part of where your knolege about the United States of America comes from then you honestly dont know much
theres nothing wrong with that to be completly honest I never even knew your country existed till just now so I can't say much about your government or its policys like do you even have a democracy? i honestly dont know

Just like I honestly know VERY little about Ireland other then my family fled from there many generations ago

now phantom hasent slammed anybodys country here (least not that i've seen)
so is it really that unfair for him to ask that if hes not allowed to say anything about anybody elses country then they shouldnt be able to attack the United States?

I admit i've had issues with America but I've had the same issues with my own government

John F. Kennedy
Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder. What unites us is far greater than what divides us.

~1961. Address to Canadian Parliament.

In my personal opinion America and Canada are like brothers
I love Canada
and I love America

now if Phantom cant bitch about your countries forign policys or past fuck ups
then dont attack americas for its

WOW we are WAAAAAAY off topic

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