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Default Re: Optical drive help

Originally Posted by pinkcar View Post
I have SATA and it doesnt state anywhere in the book that i cant overclock through the bios b/cos of SATA
No shit, it wasn't meant to limit overclocking but most people's SATA drives become unstable once the FSB gets so high, including me. I'm pretty sure that when i raised the fsb and my 80gb SATA drive had corrupt partitions that SATA crapped out at that speed.

Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker View Post
Are you saying i can't just raise the speed of the FSB or the speed of my memory without it affecting my sata bus, Well i gusse wether or not I can realy dosn't matters b/c if i ever do overclock it would be orverclocking my graphics car, and I don't beleve my graphics card has a sata bus
The sata bus refers to from the drive to the board, once it gets past the controller it is considered part of the FSB. Have fun OC'ing your vid card i got like 10fps more from OC'ing. Make sure it doesnt heat up like the dickens though.

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
Well I'm sorry if I misinformed someone, the older overclocking techniques must have been the ones only affecting the processor, or none :/
You can still overclock without changing the FSB, by adjusting the multiplier, if you want a good performance increase though you'll want to up the FSB.

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