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Default Re: I've got nothing.

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
I suppose being the mod of this section if nobody else will post ima have to....jesus...i'm gonna be banned for this..

all this poor me i'm so smart, poor me i do GREAT in school without even trying while sooo many teens find it so hard it throws them into a true depression and suicide, poor me i'm gonna get into a great school and have a kickass job, poor me i just got my own great vehicle, poor me i live in a great neighboorhood, poor me i'm french so the Canadian government gives me breaks that they would NEVER give to the same teen that speaks english, poor me i never have to worry about starving to death, poor me i'll never be forced into a child army or watch my parents be executed by malitia!

you have a GREAT life and are full of promise you live in a kickass country where you dont have to be utterly terrified and your a dam child with your whole life ahead of you!
you keep going on like my life is so boring no thrills DUDE your even younger then me! you have your whooooole life ahead of you!

and as far as that I have no talents pitty me then turning around and saying like i can do this and this and this and this blah blah blah -brags uncontrolably-
your obivously great at many things your just to busy pittying yourself to snap out of it

walk awaaaaay from the light!

....have a good day


Smartness is not a talent. Anybody with enough determination can do the same. Hell, you don't even have to be determinated : it's natural to know things about what captivates you.

Just because my motivations lie elsewhere than another teen's, just because I chose to not abuse anything, just because I chose a different path doesn't implies I have any special talents. I wasn't born with innate knowledge. Like I said, anybody can do what I did, except nobody's lame enough to do it, wasting their teens in the process.

I won't get a kickass jobnor will I get in a kickass school. My current choice in subjects almost forces me to be a lawyer or a linguist, while what I always wanted to do was manage money or blow stuff up in a lab, which I can't do because the education system is retarded. They gave me normal sciences instead of the upper level ones like I asked (which I had the reqs for), and when I asked to change 2 days after school started, they refused because they were "full". Full, yeah, my butt.

You know why I can't get in a kickass school? Exactly : because they're all anglophone and because my English sucks butt.

What a great future : working as a bailiff part-time while eating peanut butter in a 1 room flat. Not to mention going at Laval University in a crammed Law faculty. Wow, Laval. Kickass school that is. Afterwards I'll have a 1 in 6 chance of scoring a job, if even that.

My car's an Accent 1995, it's nothing great. I didn't inherit a Mustang or anything. I can't even drive it yet.

The Quebec stuff was a low-blow. I don't want to go political here, but I don't want to be treated "differently" than the rest of Canada because of my mother tongue. It's not like I chose it. You know where my loyalties lies? France, not Quebec. The poor little French-Canadians can continue to fight for stuff they do not deserve, I'll stick around and enjoy the carnage when Quebec becomes independant (it will, there's too many blindfolded dummies around ready to vote for basically autodestruction). I consider myself French before Canadian and Canadian before Quebecer.

Besides, did you know Quebec ranked 9th/13rd in terms of riches? Being born in Quebec is more like a curse, not a blessing. The only place that is worst off is Atlantic Canada. If anything YOU should be lucky to be born in Alberta.

As for the rest, piece by piece.

He's upset granted but based on this post and previous ones he does not sound depressed just upset and lonley
How about all 3?

hes so focused on what he dosent have that he dosent see the many things he does
I obviously do a lot wrong if I'm there, complaining.

he wants friends and he wants a girlfriend basically he needs to get out easier said then done but high school helps allot by forcing you to interact
SPD, rocky. I doubt you have any idea of the amount of efforts saying "hi" to someone takes for me. Sometimes, I wish I had a more serious case of SPD, then, I wouldn't be talking about it.

will it be easy? no

but if he wants it badly enough he'll dive into it head first
I have other priorities.

as for this thread it is a "pitty me"
he dosent need pitty hes got a great life
he needs to snap out of the pitty crap and actually try
"Greatness" is relative. Yeah, the poor kid in Africa might envy me, 1st world country inhabitant. But he likely has stuff I don't have, such as friends.

does he want to hear this? probly not
Your opinion, your choice.

does he hate me right now? probly

is it the truth? yes
You seem pretty sure about that. "Truth" is also a relative concept.
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