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Default Night-blindness

This one isn't mine, it's Laura's (Lost_and_fallen)
She thinks she'll be attention seeking or something stupid like that if she posts it but I thought it'd be a shame if you guys didn't see it....gonna get my arse kicked for this, lol...

Sitting on my window sill, you've gotta be careful not to swing your legs too hard or you crack your heels on the rough stone wall.
Don't curl your fingers underneath the ledge or you'll disturb the spiders and they'll crawl up your arms.
When you climb out onto the kitchen roof, mind you don't lose your footing on the thin window pane, and the loose tile on the left, watch you don't step on it and fall.
And when you walk past the washing line, skulking in the shadows, make sure you don't make it spin as your brush past it because it'll screech, alerting the world to your whereabouts.
You musn't walk into the tin dustbin at the end of the alley because you'll frighten the cats - they'll squeel and hiss and set all the dogs barking.
And flying down the middle of the road on your bike, don't change gear to often because the 'clicks' echo off the walls of the ugly, silent houses. And don't turn on the torch you carry with you just incase, because it shatters the darkness, the oh-so-safe darkness, like glass.
And although you're trying to get as far as you can, as fast as possible, don't get too out of breath because your breathing will be too heavy on your return.

Then when you do return home and climb back into my bedroom window, don't make the floorboards creak, because he'll hear you.
He'll hear you and stumble up the stairs yelling and screaming so loud you're sure that, for once, the neighbours will hear him. And as he crashes towards you, smashing photo frames, throwing CD cases and finally making your skin burn from the strength of the slap he just gave you. Again and again he'll pound you for waking him, for leaving the house, for being stupid, for being lazy, for being an accident.....anything he can think of.
And this repeats over and over until he gets bored or tired, it doesn't matter which, and wanders back downstairs to bed.

Now you need to go back out into the night-blindness again, just to get away from him, just to forget what he did this time.

.....So shall I meet you same time tomorrow or do you want your life back now?
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