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Default Re: i need advice bad

Originally Posted by TragicSaturn View Post

I know its very hard coming out to your friends
But If there really your friends they shouldn’t care
If your gay or not…You should just tell them…because
Friends are more understanding then parents.
Wow, YOU'D be surprised how much more understandable a parent is compared to a friend.

Friends sometimes understand your causes, desires, pains.... but your parents are more willing to know more about everything you do as they've most likely experienced it already.

For example, my Mom was attracted to a woman when she was younger, but she was going through a phase of course. As for me, I'm definitely not going through a phase as I think I'm gay. It's hard for me, since I've never done it with a girl yet. Either way, I've come out to my friends and because of this, one was already gay, so he didn't care. In fact, we did it!

Of the other two, neither cared and I even gave an 'oral' present to one of them for his birthday. But that was like 4 years ago, when we were both 14.
All experimental phases for them and for me. So as you can see, coming out to your friends isn't all that bad. You may even get a good thing or two out of it.

Sad to say though, I've only kept one of those three friends as a best friend as the others went uber gothic and did too much drugs. Hope I helped with your problem at least a little!
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