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Default my crap ass two weeks

i cant seem to have a good relation ship, i know this isnt going to be like all of my relationships, but ive had the worst two weeks ever.
#1, on monday, i was talking to this guy iya, and he said he really liked me, and so did i. so we started going out.
#2, on saturday, i was feeling depressed and i realized that i didnt like him anymore. dumped him. it was 4 days.
#3, on tuesday, finally met one of the hottest guys at my school. ive seen him on the first day of school, and been eyeing him ever since. so we met, and started talking. he said he was bi, and he had a girlfriend.
but he posted a blog about me saying he would go out with me in a second and dump his girlfriend for me. i didnt want that, but for the rest of tuesday, we got to know each other, and i knew we would go really far. later that night he told me he was gay, and that he loved me.
#4, so on wednesday, we hung out some more, but there was still the part where he was gay with a girlfriend. so at lunch, we were talking, and i told him, that he needed to tell her. but he couldnt, and i had to do it for him.

on wednesday night, he asked me out. i said yes, and we were great.

that sunday, i went to his house, and we went to see a movie. we held hands/he had his arm around me the entire movie.

#5, on monday, we were fine, we held hands at recess, and he sat on my lap the entire time.
throughout this 5 day span of us being boyfriends, his exgirlfriend, savannah, has been calling him, at least 18 times a night, and sending her friends over to us at recess to tell us hate messages.

#6, tuesday was fine. but at lunch/recess, he didnt hang out with us. he went to lunch first, instead of what i do, go to recess first.

but i saw him when i went in for lunch, we sat next to each other the entire time, and when it came time for us to go to different classes, we hugged right in the middle of the hallway and he told me he loved me.

but that night, he got on AIM, and said i was a conformist. i wasnt in a great mood that day, and i was really hoping he would cheer me up.
he kept on calling me a conformist, and i asked why he was doing this. he just called me a myspace nerd, and then signed off.

i was crying. i was pissed off, and really sad.

but half an hour later, he signed on again, and i simply said "why?"
he told me he had something to tell me. i knew it...

"riley, i want to break up"

then he signed off.

i started crying on the bathroom floor, called my best friend, and talked to her. she tried to comfort me, but it didnt work. i got on the computer a little later, because i was feeling a little better. and i looked at his myspace. he had deleted all of my comments, deleted the blog, and had replaced me on his top eight, with his ex girlfriend, savannah. his myspace said he was in a relation ship, straight, and his now girlfriend (again) savannah, had left comments saying she loved him, and he told her he loved her back.

i was depressed, and cryed myself to sleep that night.

that was the worst two weeks ever.

i cant even keep a boyfriend for a week.
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