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Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
I agree...

First off, its YOUR life, and you choose what to do it about, and not your mom... also, I've heard of people who is 30 and get with girls at your age... the age gap isn't really much if you really think about it...
Second, just go out with him, but don't make it as obvious if it really worries you... just say you're going out with some friends and stuff, and thats it.. your mom doesn't really needs to know that you have a boyfriend if you dont want to...
30 - 17 surtenly doesnt = anything real..

But yeah 17 and 20 is difference your both pretty much same by mind seeing as your a girl and hes a guy. Just do what you want your mother cant lock you up and throw away the key, only if you let her..

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