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well this is a sort of poem i write its hardly a poem it dont rhym its just really how i feel and i was just wondering if any one at all feels like feels like evryones getting at you wen u just want to be left alone ! plz reply xxthis me
why am i like this
i dont want to be me
look atme im a mess
i donr have a fxing hope in the world
ooh yh go aheady
shout at me scream at me
try to prove to me evrythings alright
that i have got something in my life
well guess whati dont
i never did never will
these scars show how i felt befor
and now
the blood shows how i feel now
doesnt it you bitch
watch me wen im sleeping yh
then when i move n you see my arms
scream at me and shout at me but you
you will never be able to tell me how to feel
this is me
not you
remeber that
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