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Nice, only arguing one part of my post but that's standard for you
-If one part is used as reasoning for the rest, and it is false, then it must be argued against, cuz it could make the whole thing wrong.
2+2-3+0+0+0+1=X so...
2+2=4 4-3=1 1+0=1 1+0=1 1+0=1 and then 1+1=3 X=3 Im right, and don't be a cmpcmp and only argue about the last step, there are 5 other steps but u only choose one OMG.
[end of example]
Do you see the reasoning behind what i said?
when I said religion, I WAS NOT MERELY REFERING TO CHRISTIANITY. You seem to assume I was, but whether you did or not, I do not care.
-If u didn't care then why did u post this?
-I poorly worded that phrase, I should have said that any religion (including christianity)
-MY point is still the same though "the point is no one knows"
[what i actualy said \/ ]
Lastly, whos to say that only christians go to heaven is any more likely possible any other situation??? the point is no one knows.
if there is a religion where you have to be gay to go to heaven, it's still a religion all the same. You'd be better off trying to pick one, even still. Now, if all religion is a sin, but there is still a God to call that, then agnosticism is a religion all the same that says that only people that believe in it go to heaven. Under your argument, you make it a religion. It, in effect, becomes like Christianity. There ARE only two sides
-ok fine, there are 2 sides one is athiesm, and one is religion, but can't religions say ANYTHING???

-couldn't god have diecided that only ppl who don't belive in him at all go to heaven? (which ironicly they adamantly belive doesn't exist). Thus making it a religion on its own, but just one in which God wants the ppl to belive that there is no God? (also strange is that this couldn't be a human religion)
-But is it a possiblity none the less, right?.
Oh, and if it based on chance, some random action, then my odds are still only as good as anyone elses. Since none of us know the right random action, and all.
This was my point all along.

(any one religion but il use the christianity for convienience in the below) (assuming that there is a god) (assuming there is a heaven and all that too)
- Can u say with any measure of truth that being christian is more likely what God made what gets you into heaven than, beliving that there is no God (as a religion with a God ironicly like the example above)

This question is key.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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