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Default Re: I've got nothing.

Originally Posted by Goth at Heart Prep View Post
I know how you feel, ive got no life, maybe a smidge but...the internet is my best friend, and depression...hating myself. I get the "poor me" stuff, unless you are deeply depressed, you cant understand it. I do. You cant just tell someone to snap out of it, stop feeling sorry for yourself...because when you're depressed, feeling sorry is all you've got.

Im here for you!!!
Your brand new here
you know nothing about me
don't treat me like i'm some fool
I have an intimate and unique perspective on many things including clinically diagnosed severe depression, suicide, hospitalization, severe self harm and MANY far more interesting and delicate matters


He's upset granted but based on this post and previous ones he does not sound depressed just upset and lonley
hes so focused on what he dosent have that he dosent see the many things he does
he wants friends and he wants a girlfriend basically he needs to get out easier said then done but high school helps allot by forcing you to interact
will it be easy? no
but if he wants it badly enough he'll dive into it head first
as for this thread it is a "pitty me"
he dosent need pitty hes got a great life
he needs to snap out of the pitty crap and actually try
does he want to hear this? probly not
does he hate me right now? probly
is it the truth? yes
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