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Originally Posted by Rogue 4 View Post
OK, I'll be point blank, my proving anything doesn't matter in this case. If there is a heaven, and it requires a faith of sorts to get in, then it would be better to attempt picking the right one, no?

If there is a heaven and we all go to it, great, right?

If there is no heaven, we all share an equal demise, correct?

Now, only one choice goes well with ANY of these three situations, and there can't be any more than these three! So, even if you risk picking the wrong religion (which is a subset statistic that doesn't need to be known right for this line of thought), it still makes the most sense to TRY to provide for all the above situations, no? So picking a religion makes the most sense, because it at least has a chance at covering all the bases. Now, as before, if the other two are right, great, it won't hurt me. If I pick the wrong religion, well, at least I tried. An Atheist can only meet TWO of those above situations. So, you have to ask yourself, are you feelin' lucky? You see, my poinst is, it makes the most sense to try to cover as many possibilities as possible, right? Now, YOU TELL ME if anything I've said above is wrong.
Well let us see here. If we do choose a religion, we will probably be wrong in the one we choose as there are an infinite amount of religions. Therefore your choice is most likely the wrong one and you have suceeded in wasting a good portion of your life.

When I say infinite amount it means that you can make up the most random crap, for example Flying Spaghetti Monster, scientology, etc., call it a religion and bang!: You have an idea that can neither be proven or disproven.

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