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Now, only one choice goes well with ANY of these three situations, and there can't be any more than these three!
On the contrary my friend.

WHAT IF.....
-there is a God and god put religion on earth to test ppl, if u pick religion, then u go to hell?
-What if only ppl that admit that they don't know God, because he hasn't shown himslef to us go to heaven? (which intersetingly enought would explain the whole why he never shows himslef thing)
-what if only ppl that have gay sex go to heaven?
-Only ppl that listem exclusively to rock music?

the point is that there are an infinite number of circumstances that are possible, and which is more likely, no one knows, for every positive in this situation there is a negative;
EXAMPLE: only chrisitans go to heaven, only non christians go to heaven.
Only ppl who listen to rap go toi heaven, only ppl who never listen to rap go to heaven.

NO ONE "knows" (logicly) what circumstance we are living in, so no real conclusions can be made.

Lastly, whos to say that only christians go to heaven is any more likely possible any other situation??? the point is no one knows.

The first "blanks" could be ANYTHING, no matter how arbitrary they may be, cuz if there is a god why would he have to be rational (plus whose to say that ur situation is rational?

In closing, there can be WAY more than 3 total possiblities
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