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Default Re: I've got nothing.

Originally Posted by Alondite View Post
I hardly have a "life". Yeah, I grew up watching Star Trek and Discovery Channel, I grew up playing D&D with equally nerdy lads in a squatted classroom. I sport glasses, of course. Ich kann sprechen 3-4 Sprachen. Not much for sports except running. I maintain good relations with teachers, and I've made bouncing balls in petrochemistry, and I've also once planned to put sodium in water fountains around school, until I remembered how dangerous the fumes were. I know pi to the 40th digit by heart. I bring my graphing calc everywhere, and I love calculating random stuff. The stereotypical nerd.
Are you insulting my lifestyle?

For the most-part Whisper is right, your life is great, you're set for the future, stop complaining.

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