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Default Re: Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

I disagree, its better to have someone have to say why they believe a certian way, than just what they belive (which often happens in polls).
It isn't importiant (well it is, just not to this thread) why i think that they are wrong, last time it turned into a why is this and this wrong. The LEGALLity of it should be discusseus, as this is a lot less subjective. If we can iscolate the issue the debate is a lot better and concise. If u would like to discuss the right/wrongness of it, create a thread for that.
-when debates get convoluted they become very bad very quickly (IEtitle) is the universe infinite? specificly on this site will generaly make it was to a response of something like "BUSH IS AN IDIOT" 'OR LIBERALS AR HIPPIES THAT JUST WANT TO DO LSD" i don't consider things like these to be good for a debate.)
-But do notice that if ur reasoning was "it should be ilegall because i consider it wrong" (invalid reasoning IMO, but....) i put an exception in there for u.
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