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A flying spagetti mosnter, thats rediculious,
-spagetti can't fly
-it isn't alive
-meat balls can't be used as eyes
-and it would rot after a while

But on the other hand
-God is three in one (its like buy one get 2 free!!!)
-God has a son(?)
-the bible was writen by humans, but inspired by God, but changed and translated, and sometimes true, but maybe not, some quotes have meaning, sometimes not, The old testament was replaced by the new, but it really wan't, and the stories and some of the laws are real, but some aren't, Noah never put the animals on his ship (thats impossible!!) but jesus rose form the dead, cured blind ppl and brogh a dude back from the dead, some one is turned into a pillar of salt (but it isn't true cuz its not reasonalble?) BUT OF COURSE THE BIBLE IS TRUE!!
-God sees all and has a plan yet we have freewill,
-Every sunday its good to eat and drink some jesus,
-God wants us to belive in him, but can't show himself to every one, just some dead ppl 2k years ago, and some mexicans a couple hundered years ago (guatilupe), and a few others.

You know what, il take the spagetti God
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