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Default Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

This was, at least i think, a pretty good debate a while ago, and seeing as how there are new ppl and new stuff in general... well lets do it.
according to Bertrand Russel (a "real" pohilisopher who i don't always agree with)

It is generally assumed without question that the state has a right to punish certain kinds of sexual irregularity. No one doubts that the Mormons sincerely believed polygamy to be a desirable practice, yet the United States required them to abandon its legal recognition, and probably any other Christian country would have done likewise. Nevertheless, I do not think this prohibition was wise. Polygamy is legally permitted in many parts of the world, but is not much practised except by chiefs and potentates. If, as Europeans generally believe, it is an undesirable custom, it is probable that the Mormons would have soon abandoned it, except perhaps for a few men of exceptional position. If, on the other hand, it had proved a successful experiment, the world would have acquired a piece of knowledge which it is now unable to possess. I think in all such cases the law should only intervene when there is some injury inflicted without the consent of the injured person.

This was writen in 1940ish i think, but it still works. IMO it also applies to civil unions.
-unless someone hurts or is forced or something like that on some one, neither polygamy or civilunions should be ilegall.
-though i belive the above, I do think that both are "wrong", just like i belive that sleeping around a lot is wrong. But all three (civil unions, polygamy, sleeping around) should be legall IMO as no one is hurt with out their own consent.
-so the exceptions would include things like; having ur marrige aranged, being intimidated into the relationship or w/e.
-IF u post here please please don't start flaming no matter who you are, or what u belive.
-Also please put ur opinion on both of the issues THE LEGALLITY (u don't have to say anything about wether u personaly think its wrong, unless it relates to ur stance) of, Civil Uniouns AND Polgamy.

please try and explain as best u can why think what u think. I say this mainly cuz many ppl think that civil unions are OK and that Polygamy is wrong "just Because it is", which i think we can agree isn't very good reasoning.
On a little bit of a side note there are some very interesting parallels to both issues that become more aparent as both sides argue.
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