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Default Re: I've got nothing.

I suppose being the mod of this section if nobody else will post ima have to....jesus...i'm gonna be banned for this..

all this poor me i'm so smart, poor me i do GREAT in school without even trying while sooo many teens find it so hard it throws them into a true depression and suicide, poor me i'm gonna get into a great school and have a kickass job, poor me i just got my own great vehicle, poor me i live in a great neighboorhood, poor me i'm french so the Canadian government gives me breaks that they would NEVER give to the same teen that speaks english, poor me i never have to worry about starving to death, poor me i'll never be forced into a child army or watch my parents be executed by malitia!

you have a GREAT life and are full of promise you live in a kickass country where you dont have to be utterly terrified and your a dam child with your whole life ahead of you!
you keep going on like my life is so boring no thrills DUDE your even younger then me! you have your whooooole life ahead of you!

and as far as that I have no talents pitty me then turning around and saying like i can do this and this and this and this blah blah blah -brags uncontrolably-
your obivously great at many things your just to busy pittying yourself to snap out of it

walk awaaaaay from the light!

....have a good day


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